Month: November 2019

Bitrhday Catering services

Kids birthday/Ceremony party at home with a great food menu

Every kid awaits the birthday vibe because so many people come to his house, and all the attention is given to him. In addition to that, he receives presents, plays games, and is allowed to everything that makes for a gala time. Therefore, as parents, it becomes crucial to throw an exuberant party that can steal the show and Read More

OMLY -Delight your guest with great menu

Delight your guests with a great menu – Go OMLY

If you have ever attended a community event, a birthday party, a wedding or even a corporate gathering, you must know that food rules the mindsets. Even if the event is embellished by colours, flowers and accommodates an excellent sitting, it is the quality and serving of food that wins the race.  Consider the situation where you are attending Read More

Let OMLY Manager treat your guest with delicious food

There’s always an intellect associated with OMLY’s services. Do you know why? Its because we employ an Event Delight Manager (EDM) to administer your event from buffet presentation to customer interaction to even budgetary constraints.  Why do we have an EDM? Event management is a daunting task, especially in our country where catering services are utterly oblivious Read More

How should you choose the food menu for your event?

Want to be a hit in front of your guests? Then your event must cater to their expectations, especially in terms of food. While planning a celebration, it is essential that you choose a not-so-obvious food menu for impressing the guests. That said, you would hate the sight of your wedding or birthday party proceeding in a direction where Read More

Celebrations made easy with OMLY!!

Now that your party is approaching, you need to set things right; however, there’s a lot of imbalance regarding the catering arrangements. Should you worry? We’ll tell you—You SHOULDN’T if you approach OMLY for your requirements. That said, OMLY’s hassle-free services are not only embellished by quality-food but also, live tracking, Event Delight Manager (EDM) and even better menu packages. While you are Read More